Powtoon Integrates with Microsoft Teams for Seamless Video Creation & Collaboration

Powtoon, a visual communications platform, announced it has released a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling users to create, share, edit and get feedback on videos in one collaborative workspace for enterprises.

In the new hybrid workplace, employees across all levels of the organization are experiencing a communication crisis. With more tools to communicate than ever, achieving team alignment is increasingly difficult. In their personal lives, employees are used to consuming bite-sized information on apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, and they expect their company’s communication to mimic the nature of these formats.

Year after year, research in the field of visual communication shows that 48 percent of all employees consider video the most engaging form of communication (TechSmith, 2020). In video-savvy organizations, employees are twice as likely to rate their companies highly when it comes to collaboration, and 75 percent more likely to rate them highly on employee engagement (Global Web Index, 2021).

Powtoon is among one of the first platforms in this category, allowing Teams users to create, share and collaborate on videos directly within their Teams platform.

Powtoon’s founder and CEO, Ilya Spitalnik said, “Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a short video gives everyone in the organization a solid reference point, a visual baseline, to start from and always go back to. I’m excited to see how Powtoon makes it easier for Microsoft Teams users to deliver information through video, and more importantly, to collaborate, comment, and receive instant feedback on videos they’re working on.”

As a visual communication platform, Powtoon’s intuitive interface allows anyone with the ability to create a PowerPoint to also create engaging videos. By integrating into the Teams environment, users can now:

  • Create and customize powerful videos and visual content without leaving Teams
  • Share videos via group channels and direct chats to close knowledge gaps
  • Collaborate on Powtoon videos from their Teams tab to speed up approval processes and get feedback faster

Click here to get started using Powtoon on Teams