Post-it Brand Launches Brainstorming Session on Post-it App

Post-it Brand from 3M has added a virtual collaboration experience to its app with the introduction of Brainstorming Session. The new feature allows users to launch a shareable digital canvas for users to upload physical and digital Post-it Notes, which the host can arrange and organize for simple, real-time co-creation.

“Millions of people use Post-it App on all their devices to capture and share their physical and digital Post-it Notes,” said Heather Green, Global Business Vice President, Post-it Brand. “Brainstorming Session mimics the free flowing, in-person collaboration experience that allows for uninterrupted idea exchange – all within one platform and on one shared canvas. Notes are added to the shared canvas when the creator deems timing is right or the thought is complete to help simulate the in-person experience.”

Great ideas often start as thoughts and sketches written down during brainstorms on Post-it Brand products. The Post-it App links people wherever they work – at home, in a coffee shop or the office – and allows users to digitize those notes instantly/

Brainstorming Session further expands the possibilities of remote collaboration by enabling hosts the ability to invite others to share their ideas on one central group board.

The Post-it App captures handwriting or drawings on square and rectangle notes, from 3 in. x 3 in. all the way to 15 in. x 15 in. Post-it Super Sticky Big Notes. Save up to 200 Post-it Notes at a time using the Post-it App and easily edit with handwriting-to-text conversion, a variety of colors, text styles and more.

The Post-it App is available for free download in the Google Play store for Android, Apple App Store for iOS and Mac App Store for macOS Catalina.