Poly Announces Alex for Business for Zoom Rooms

Poly has announced Alexa for Business for Zoom Rooms, to provide customers with a hands-free, voice-activated, control experience for new wave meeting collaboration.

This new offering enables Poly customers to set up Alexa for Business with just a few clicks. Once enabled, Zoom Rooms’ users can ask Alexa to join meetings and book rooms, without having to purchase additional Alexa-enabled devices. With this integration, Poly, Zoom and Alexa for Business are simplifying the enablement and management of Alexa for Business by building it directly into the Zoom Management Portal.

The Poly Studio X Series with TC8 touch interface and G7500 video conferencing system are the latest certified Zoom Rooms Appliances to support the Alexa for Business voice-activated meeting room experience.

As companies plan for a return to the office and strategize how to safely bring employees back into shared spaces and meeting rooms, touchless voice control has never played a more critical role. Alexa for Business improves the overall meeting experience, for rooms of any size, by offering customers the ability to start a Zoom Rooms meeting using voice commands. Poly Zoom Room users can ask Alexa to assist with tasks like starting their online meeting, booking a meeting room, and alerting participants with end-of-meeting reminders to keep everyone on task.

Installation takes just a few clicks, and once installed, a Poly Zoom Rooms device can detect an employee’s voice to jumpstart the meeting experience. Poly’s lineup of pro-grade devices are certified Zoom Room Appliances, and feature advanced speaker tracking, Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI, so you can crush every meeting, while blocking out distracting background noise.

Poly Studio X Series with TC8 touch interface, G7500 video conferencing system, and Trio C60 smart conference phone are the latest Zoom Room Appliances to support the Alexa Business offering available now, in the United States. The Poly Studio X Series and G7500 are both certified Zoom Rooms Appliances, as are the Trio 8500 and Trio 8800 smart conference phones, which all feature Alexa for Business capabilities. Alexa can also help employees check the weather, stay up-to-date on the news or listen to their favorite podcast. Alexa has more than 100,000 skills to help make their lives easier, more meaningful and more fun by letting them voice-control their world.