Playvox Expands Workforce Management Capacity Planner

Playvox, a provider of workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions for the digital-first and CRM-centric contact center, has expanded its Workforce Management (WFM) Capacity Planner solution. Customers across multiple verticals such as health care, food delivery, insurance and more, can take advantage of Playvox’s intuitive and seamless technology solution to manage their employees more effectively while helping overcome operations challenges.

Contact center leaders frequently are confronted with issues related to labor shortages, business scaling and rising costs in an uncertain market. Within the Capacity Planner, contact center leaders can:

  • Access historical data quickly and easily to generate a fluid capacity plan that forecasts volumes already built in the system
  • Obtain visibility with absence, shrinkage and attrition thresholds to obtain the best scenario for their unique business needs
  • Leverage a solution that doesn’t require outside consulting and/or additional resources
  • Determine how and when to scale workforce levels
  • Achieve an accurate, holistic view of available staff.

“Playvox WFM Capacity Planner is a transformative offering to operationalize and support the way organizations throughout all industries prepare and forecast for the long-term,” said Kristyn Emenecker, Playvox’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer. “By leveraging Playvox’s technology, this solution eliminates what many in the industry refer to as ‘excel hell’ involved with manual forecasting. The information is color-coded for easy interpretation, allowing for differing scenarios to be modeled, giving operations more insight and knowledge when trying to make decisions about long-term staff. Users also have the ability to share online or export to CSV, making it easy to collaborate on plans.”

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