PhishLabs: Coordinated Phishing Attempts Up 22 Percent Y2Y

Instances of coordinated phishing attacks continue to grow, outpacing the year-ago quarter estimates by as much as 22 percent, per PhishLabs.

The firm’s “Quarterly Threat Trend & Intelligence Report” investigated an un-numbered quantity of strikes that it analyzed and mitigated to identify “top threats targeting brands” and “emerging trends” in the threat landscape.

Key findings included:

  • A 10-fold increase in cryptocurrency phishing, from Q1.
  • 50 percent growth in social media phishing attempts over 1H 2021.
  • 51 percent of credential thefts specifically targeting corporate Office 365 credentials.
  • Single-sign-on targets growing 40 percent over the first quarter.
  • Qbot leading email payload threats as top risk.

PhishLabs collected data from “hundreds of thousands” of attacks for the report.