Our Virtual Office Launches Web-based Platform

Our Virtual Office launched its web-based platform that offers companies a true virtual experience that brings together management and employees regardless of geographic location in a real, full workday office setting.

As companies struggle to attract and retain quality employees who have adapted to and are thriving in the remote workspace model, managers face the challenge of maintaining a sense of collaboration, real performance evaluation and corporate culture. Our Virtual Office, also known as OVO, bridges the gap in managing the on-site and remote workforce, with on demand visual verification and instant collaboration without the links and downloads.

The platform offers users instant visual staff interaction with a single click. It allows managers to interact with and supervise employees with real-time performance reports, private texts, group texts, screen share and recording.

OVO allows employees to collaborate with colleagues as if the team were all in the same office with private offices, conference rooms and even break rooms, all with unlimited attendees.

Companies can eliminate the need for constant scheduled, structured meetings. Instead, coworkers can pop into someone’s office with a knock,  as they would at the office. Guests can be invited without having to download apps. All they need to do is click on the invite link sent by the host.

OVO also offers its customers a vendor network directory (VND) that allows them to connect with their vendors and customers in a way that offers a new level of customer service and security.

Customers have a choice to run the platform on the OVO servers or on their own internal servers.