ngena Acquires neutrino8, Adding AI Wireless to .connect Platform

ngena, a global end-to-end orchestrated SD-WAN as a service company, has acquired neutrino8 to offer its customers secure, wireless access that can be implemented in a streamlined fashion without operational complexities that traditionally come with enterprise-class solutions.

With the addition of neutrino8 wireless access to the vendor-agnostic .connect platform, ngena delivers on its promise of end-to-end, one-stop-shopping for all networking needs. neutrino8’s solutions deliver artificial intelligence-driven solutions that extend additional benefits to ngena customers, including:

  • Wi-Fi service offerings with AI tracking capabilities that provide businesses with data insights like heatmaps, the average length of visits, etc., that transform it from an expense into an asset.
  • Unlike major players with heavy hardware components, neutrino8 is independent of specific hardware vendors, so customers don’t have to be “locked into” contracts with any one vendor. This adds a layer of flexibility and agility to the hands of the customer.
  • neutrino8’s solution offers a price point compared to its enterprise-class competitors, translating into savings for ngena customers. Its network orchestration capabilities have helped businesses reduce OPEX by up to 90 percent and CAPEX by up to 30 percent.

The secure, reliable solution is ideal for customers in retail, hospitality and any businesses with staff working from home.

“Data is the only currency in today’s economy. The more timely we deliver data, the more successful we become. By adding the innovative and cost-efficient Wi-Fi solutions, ngena provides large-scale secure connectivity to enable business transformation independent of technology, carrier or cloud,” said Bart de Graaff, CEO, ngena. “Wireless access networks are essential for day-to-day business operations, so neutrino8’s integrated technology – including wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, and hotspots – was a natural next step for ngena to incorporate into its robust suite of service offerings.”

Now – all fully integrated into ngena’s cloud-based .connect platform – neutrino8’s network orchestration solutions provide real-time, actionable business intelligence data from any point of access, continuous proactive and predictive capabilities, and automated global secure authentication and roaming.

“Together we provide end-to-end network solutions that give customers insights on the local, on-site level as well as across their external connections,” said Bojan Likar, CTO & Co-Founder, neutrino8. “This is what customers are increasingly looking for – actionable data and value that provides more revenue-generating income streams across the board.”

The acquisition comes just weeks after ngena launched the general availability of its .connect MultiTech platform, an intuitive management tool for ngena’s Secure Connectivity as a Service that allows ngena customers to choose the SD-WAN and SASE solutions for their business. Using its connectivity platform, ngena accelerates cloud transformation, improves cybersecurity and enables enterprise digitalization for its customers throughout the whole service life cycle of an enterprise network. ngena’s solutions also provide fulfillment, deployment and logistics of connectivity services, giving customers full visibility into every phase of the network experience – at a flexible, highly competitive price point that doesn’t require intensive time or multi-platform training commitments in-house.

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