NetFortris Delivers Affordable SD-WAN for Work from Home

NetFortris has announced the availability of At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris, enabling businesses to ensure resilient and high-quality internet connections for remote and hybrid work environments at an affordable rate.

At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris is an extension of SD-WAN by NetFortris, which leverages widely available, low-cost broadband to connect headquarters, data centers and branch offices with high-bandwidth networks that are redundant and support critical business traffic. SD-WAN by NetFortris is managed 24/7 by network specialists from the NetFortris Network Operations Center (NOC).

At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris improves the variable performance of congestion-prone consumer broadband by segmenting business and home traffic, ensuring the privacy of personal traffic and prioritizing business traffic.

With this new solution, NetFortris provides a clear advantage to work-from-home environments at a right-sized subscription rate that’s affordable for organizations of all sizes – from small office/home office to multilocation enterprises.

At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris is delivered as an economical bundle, including hardware, software licensing, configuration and management.

Customers can choose from two packages:

  • At-Home SD-WAN Standard, which includes:
    • Support for one business user with three devices
    • Support for unlimited home users and devices
    • Support for up to 200Mbps
    • VMware SD-WAN Edge 510 application accelerator
    • 24/7 management
  • At-Home SD-WAN Pro, which includes:
    • Support for one business user with six devices
    • Support for unlimited home users and devices
    • Support for up to 350Mbps
    • VMware SD-WAN Edge 610 application accelerator
    • 24/7 management

NetFortris’ VMware SD-WAN Edge 510 and 610  device profiles are preconfigured for low-touch deployments. Employees simply connect the edge devices to power and primary and secondary home internet services (e.g., cable, FTTH, DSL, satellite, 4G LTE, etc.), which work in tandem for increased bandwidth and always-on internet.

At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris can be deployed standalone or integrated into existing corporate SD-WAN or MPLS networks.

As an added benefit, At-Home SD-WAN also provides an alternative to corporate virtual private networks (VPNs), which may be overtaxed by the increase in remote workers. Unlike traditional VPNs, all SD-WAN traffic does not need to be routed to the main office or data center; it can be sent directly to company cloud services like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, or NetFortris Comm-unity Unified Communications, freeing up company bandwidth and infrastructure.

Unlike traditional VPNs, SD-WAN also doesn’t take up processing power on employees’ computers to create SSL tunnels or require employees to log in, reducing human error as a factor in securing a business’ network.