Microsoft Issues Equity Investment in Rubrik

Microsoft issued an equity investment in Rubrik, a software startup focused on data backup. The companies plan to integrate their respective products to assist ransomware data recovery efforts.

Specifically, Rubrik and Microsoft will jointly sell applications that are based on Azure, for helping drive go-to-market activities and co-engineering projects for Zero Trust data protection. Together, the organizations will provide Microsoft 365, hybrid cloud data protection and integrated cloud services.

Rubrik is seeking to address ransomware rapid recovery, data operations automation and cloud migration, with the collaboration bringing “next level” options for Zero Trust data protection for hybrid cloud environments spanning the data center, edge and cloud.

Ransomware, it should be noted, has greatly proliferated since the onset of COVID-19, as more organizations expanded remote-work policies to increasingly rely on the cloud, in addition to their own network.

Terms of the investment were not disclosed.