Lucid Unveils Lucidspark Integration with Jira to Enhance Visual Planning, Collaboration

Lucid, a provider of visual collaboration software, announced a new integration for its virtual whiteboard, Lucidspark, with Jira Cloud.

The Lucidspark Cards for Jira integration brings the power of visuals to planning, ideation and road mapping sessions, enabling users to plan work, identify potential roadblocks and keep the big picture in mind more efficiently.

“In today’s age of remote work, technical teams need tailored solutions that provide the flexibility to promote collaboration, alignment and innovation,” said Dan Lawyer, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Lucid. “This integration will empower both Lucidspark and Jira users with the visual planning solutions to most effectively see and build the future.”

The Lucidspark integration with Jira creates a seamless workflow of flexible, visual planning, pushing ideas between Lucidspark and Jira to empower users with the ability to move quickly into action. Teams can pull data from Jira and add new ideas through brainstorming. Those ideas can then be organized visually in Lucidspark, and easily converted into Jira issues.

The two-way sync allows teams to ideate and creates epics in Lucidspark with updates pushing across both applications. These automatic updates reduce the need to manually digitize and upload planning session results into a system of record, minimizing human error and accelerating productivity.

Through this integration with Lucidspark, Jira users can experience enhanced collaboration, innovation and alignment. Users will be able to:

  • Enjoy flexible, visual planning by importing issues from Jira Cloud as Cards in Lucidspark
  • Transform ideas captured on sticky notes into Jira issues in a single click
  • Keep teams aligned by tagging assignees to Lucidspark Cards
  • Collaborate and plan in real-time to keep your team and systems up to date
  • Document ideas in your system of record following brainstorming sessions
  • Identify roadblocks, risks and priorities by applying formatting and group issues
  • Visualize your backlog and dependencies to effectively sequence your team’s work
  • Track cross-team and cross-project work by keeping the big picture in a single view

This integration currently works with Jira Cloud. Learn more about how to access the Lucidspark Cards for Jira integration on