Keeper Security Partners with SHI International for Managed IT Service

Keeper Security, a provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software covering password management, dark web monitoring, digital file storage and messaging, announced a partnership with SHI International. The agreement will integrate Keeper’s Enterprise Password Manager (EPM) into SHI Complete, a comprehensive managed service that empowers small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to accelerate their IT transformation journey.

The cybersecurity components of SHI Complete incorporate endpoint, cloud, network and identity management protection into a single managed service overseen by a strong governance plan. SHI’s comprehensive new offering makes the latest technologies and skills readily available to SMB businesses and IT leaders without having to invest in a large in-house IT staff or take their eye off business growth.

The integration of Keeper EPM into SHI Complete will enable customers to monitor and control password use across the entire organization, remote and on-premises while developing and maintaining security best-practice policies such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access control (RBAC) and least-privilege access.

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