Guild Education Chooses Salt Security for API Security

Salt Security, an API security company, announced that Guild Education, a leader in opportunity creation for America’s workforce, has chosen the Salt Security API Protection Platform to secure its application programming interface (API) ecosystem.

Guild relies on APIs for the exchange of private and sensitive student, employer and school data across its Career Opportunity Platform. With the Salt platform, Guild gains automatic and continuous API visibility, insights into potential data exposure and API runtime protection to ensure the safety of its customers’ critical data.

“Guild supports workers, companies, and educational organizations to build new career opportunities and address increasing talent shortages. Keeping employee, employer, and school data secure has always been a top priority,” said Julie Chickillo, VP, head of security, Guild Education. “The visibility we get with Salt eliminates blind spots, allowing us to better protect the critical and personal information – including employer eligibility updates, student loan reimbursement data, and program applications – being shared via our APIs.”

Leveraging the robust Salt API security platform, Guild gains:

  • Discovery of shadow APIs – to ensure a complete and accurate API inventory and understand what unknown APIs might exist that could pose security risks
  • Attack prevention – proven algorithms in API security to pinpoint attacker reconnaissance activity, even drawn out over days and weeks, and stop attackers before they reach their objective
  • API security testing – to gain vulnerability insights in pre-production, empowering the Guild development team to improve the security posture of its new APIs

To learn more about the Salt Security API Protection Platform or to request a demo, visit: