GoTo Customer Engagement Launched for Unified Home Customer Conversations

GoTo, a company making IT management, support and business communication easier with GoTo Resolve, GoTo Connect, and Rescue, launched GoTo Customer Engagement. The new multi-channel solution brings together GoTo Connect’s phone system and customer communication tools, analytics and the digital channels customers need to reach a larger audience and grow their business, all within a shared unified inbox.

When it comes to communicating with businesses, customers are 7.5 times more likely to respond to SMS communications, with a 45 percent SMS response rate compared to just six percent with email, according to Gartner). The GoTo Customer Engagement solution helps businesses meet customers wherever they communicate through easy personalization, hyperlinks and scheduled campaigns, all managed in a centralized, easy-to-use inbox.

“With GoTo Connect, our customers already rely on us for phone conversations with their customers. Now we’re expanding our offerings to include an even more robust solution that provides additional digital communication channels to grow their business faster and further,” said Damon Covey, head of product at GoTo. “We’ve listened to our customers’ needs and with GoTo Customer Engagement, we’re giving businesses the ability to easily connect with their customers in the ways they want across phone, SMS, webchat and social media channel. All without the hassle of managing multiple tools.”

GoTo Customer Engagement enables businesses to communicate seamlessly through:

  • Never miss another opportunity – Make it easy for customers to reach out by adding Webchat, social media and SMS to your channel mix. With GoTo’s easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solution, you can quickly modernize your business communications.
  • Turn notifications into conversations – Using a mix of channels for outbound and inbound communications has been shown to increase performance, such as the use of SMS campaigns.
  • Manage multiple conversations from one shared inbox – GoTo Customer Engagement comes with a shared inbox that members of your team can access. The shared inbox has all your customer communications, no matter the channel, and allows for fast, effective responses to questions and comments.
  • Drive improvement with customer feedback – GoTo Customer Engagement includes custom surveys that allow you to collect feedback and track results, creating better outcomes for you and your customers.

GoTo Customer Engagement is available for all GoTo Connect customers in North America within the new GoTo application.

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