Gartner Recognizes Aryaka as Sample Vendor in Emerging Tech Report

Aryaka, a leader in SD-WAN and SASE solutions, was named by Gartner in the latest Emerging Technologies report.  The research, titled “Emerging Tech: Leverage Cloud Connect Infrastructure to Improve Connectivity Experience of Cloud Workloads for SASE Solutions,” highlights the importance of user-to-cloud workload connectivity and the implications for secure access service edge (SASE) solutions.

Anchored on more than 40 cloud-connected, globally distributed PoPs, Aryaka’s zero trust WAN enables enterprises to “plug-in” to a modern SASE solution built for the cloud.

The report, written by Evan Zeng and Jonathan Forest, describes the shift to cloud workloads and the impact on the enterprise connectivity experience. According to the report, “In 2024 and beyond, cloud workloads will become the most funded workload type in enterprises, and therefore they must be the priority focus for SASE solutions.”

Gartner forecasts almost 60 percent of IT spending on application software will be directed toward cloud technologies by 2024.

Said Matt Carter, CEO of Aryaka: “Performance matters. But the legacy way of connecting and securing users to their workloads delivers a bad user experience. Enterprises that look to the internet for answers are even worse off.  SASE is turning this market upside down and we are ecstatic to be at the leading edge of this transformation.”

A phrase coined by Gartner in 2019, SASE converges a traditionally siloed network and security architecture to simplify operations and provide a better user experience. Demand for SASE solutions has skyrocketed as enterprises have shifted to remote and hybrid work models and widespread cloud and SaaS adoption.  The combination of a highly distributed workforce with workloads that now sit in multiple clouds magnify the limitations of traditional solutions.

Gartner notes that, “Connecting users to multi-cloud environments is an important area for SASE solutions because 80 percent of enterprises that are in the cloud are already in multiple clouds. This includes not only cloud workloads hosting in a single cloud, but also those hosting in multiple clouds. For example, SaaS workloads are increasingly multi-cloud hosted.”

Carter added, “SASE is a paradigm shift for how enterprises think about network security given how they operate from the cloud. I think we’ll see transformation in this space akin to what occurred with both the SaaS and PaaS markets in a fraction of the time.”

Aryaka believes its recognition in the report validates the company’s ‘single-pass’ Unified SASE architecture that tightly integrates connectivity and security as part of a managed service. Recently announced capabilities include a secure web gateway (SWG) and firewall as-a-service (FWaaS) for the hybrid edge, offering employees common security policies, application performance, and agility whether they are on-premises or remote.

Download the report here.

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