Fuze Announces Patent for In-Session Communications

Fuze, a cloud-based communications provider for the modern global enterprise, announced it has been awarded a new patent for recommendations based on in-session communications.

This patent enables more efficient and smart communication for Fuze users by analyzing communication data in real time and offering in-session recommendations based on the context and user’s history.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued Fuze U.S. Patent No. 11095693 on August 17. By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, this invention monitors and analyzes all real-time communication streams (including phone calls, meeting, and group conversations) to detect participants’ intents and suggest actions for more seamless communication.

In-session recommendations include many options from offering to add participants to a conversation to sharing context-specific content.

“This patent makes our technology more proactive and our real-time communications even smarter for enhanced collaboration in the fast-paced and hybrid environment of the modern worker,” said Rob Scudiere, president and chief operating officer at Fuze. “Having seamless and efficient communications, regardless of work location, is only becoming more critical as organizations continue to embrace a hybrid work model and navigate a distributed workforce.”