Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere Extends DLP Management

Global security leader Forcepoint today extended the depth and breadth of its data-first SASE (secure access service edge) offering with the launch of Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere.

Forcepoint simplifies enterprise DLP management across cloud, web and private apps. It also streamlines compliance wherever hybrid workers store, access and use confidential information.

The company also brings to market Forcepoint ONE Insights which enables users to visualize and quantify the financial value of security efficacy delivered by Forcepoint solutions.

Forcepoint ONE Insights’ visualization console presents performance indicators such as adoption, data and threat protection, policy violations, performance and risk.

In two years, humanity’s collective data will reach 175 billion terabytes — the number 175 followed by 21 zeros. These data include everything that powers businesses and consumers’ day-to-day lives. They are accessed and used by hybrid workforces on corporate endpoints and personal devices such as phones and tablets to do their jobs.

Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere is a direct response to the reality that business productivity depends upon people having the ability to safely and efficiently use data anywhere.

By connecting Forcepoint Enterprise DLP to the Forcepoint ONE Security Service Edge (SSE) platform, customers can extend a new or existing enterprise DLP policy, including its advanced classifiers, data fingerprinting, and enforcement settings, to the web and cloud.

A unified security policy from Forcepoint protects sensitive data across all channels, including endpoints, websites, cloud services, networks, email and private apps.

Forcepoint’s data-first approach goes beyond basic data protection that often is built into SASE solutions. By classifying data and organizing it into different groups rather than relying on hardcoded patterns, Forcepoint data security policies can be written once and enforced everywhere to handle new instances and types of sensitive data.

This end-to-end enforcement is ideal for organizations with cloud-based applications or distributed workforces.

Among the key benefits of enforcing data security everywhere are:

  • Adds Forcepoint ONE SSE channels to Forcepoint Enterprise DLP, protecting data across any website, cloud application and web-based private applications.
  • Applies new or existing DLP policies across CASB, SWG, and ZTNA channels.
  • Simplifies DLP management by leveraging more than 1,600 out-of-the-box classifiers, policies and templates enabling granular enforcement for files.
  • Gives security operations center (SOC) and IT teams complete incident reporting and forensic information from a single management console.

Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere is immediately available direct from Forcepoint and through the company’s global network of channel partners.

As RSA continues through Thursday in San Francisco, Forcepoint is providing hands-on opportunities with  Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere and Forcepoint ONE Insights at the Forcepoint Experience Center on the fourth floor of the St. Regis San Francisco. Organizations that want to learn more and get demos can request a meeting.