Exabeam Introduces New-scale SIEM

Exabeam, a global cybersecurity leader and creator of the New-Scale SIEM for advancing security operations, has released a cloud-native security operations platform and portfolio of products that enable security teams to “Detect the Undetectable.” The Exabeam Security Operations Platform is designed for threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) workflow excellence to give security teams the greatest fighting chance at defeating adversaries.

The new Exabeam product portfolio is a powerful combination of cloud-scale security log management, industry-leading behavioral analytics and an automated investigation experience –– the core elements of New-Scale SIEM.

“Security operations teams have faced difficulty defending against complex threats and evolving adversarial behavior because technology innovation has not kept up in the realm where big data meets cybersecurity,” said Michael DeCesare, CEO and president Exabeam. “Exabeam is known for having the best behavioral analytics product on the market — it’s why so many of the world’s largest organizations count on Exabeam every day to help stop adversaries, including the majority now utilizing valid credentials. We are marrying that strength with the world’s most modern, hyperscale, cloud-native data lake to ingest, parse, search, and store data in real-time from anywhere. The SIEM industry has been ripe for evolution for some time, and we are committed to leading that evolution.”

The Exabeam cloud-native product portfolio is built on an open platform that integrates with approximately 550 different third-party products and includes nearly 8,000 pre-built parsers greatly reducing onboarding, deployment, and run times. With Exabeam New-Scale SIEM, security teams can search query responses across petabytes of hot, warm and cold data in seconds. Organizations also can process logs with limitless scale at sustained speeds of more than 1 million events per second.

Organizations can use Exabeam to defend against the rising threat of external and internal attacks that in today’s world are more often than not leveraging compromised credentials.

Exabeam offers more than 1,800 pre-built correlation rules and more than 1,100 anomaly detection rules that leverage 750-plus behavior analytics detection models, which baseline normal behavior. These rules and models are applied to every user and device — beyond anything a legacy SIEM can create with correlation rules. For an organization with basic logging, 20,000 users, and 50,000 assets, Exabeam builds and updates 50 million unique detection rules.

New Exabeam products include:

  • Exabeam Security Log Management – Cloud-scale security log management to ingest, parse, store and search log data with powerful dashboarding and correlation.
  • Exabeam SIEM – Cloud-native SIEM at hyperscale with fast, modern search and powerful correlation, reporting, dashboarding and case management.
  • Exabeam Fusion – New-Scale SIEM, powered by modern, scalable security log management, powerful behavioral analytics and automated TDIR.
  • Exabeam Security Analytics – Automated threat detection powered by user and entity behavior analytics with correlation and threat intelligence.
  • Exabeam Security Investigation – TDIR powered by user and entity behavior analytics, correlation rules, and threat intelligence, supported by alerting, incident management, automated triage and response workflows

To learn more about the new Exabeam product portfolio, visit the Exabeam website