EvolveWare Facilitates Non-disruptive Application Modernization

EvolveWare, a leader in automating the maintenance and modernization of software applications, announced Agile Business Rules Extraction (Agile BRE) solution on its Intellisys platform.

Using intelligent automation, Agile BRE empowers organizations to update business policies and modernize applications concurrently, without the hassle of having to freeze code during the process. Enterprises and government agencies can make changes to existing code at any point in the rules extraction process with minimal impact on work already performed. Agile BRE will enable organizations to accelerate modernization projects with 60-plus percent savings in time and effort as compared to using a manual approach, it will also power larger digital transformation initiatives by facilitating the update and modernization of applications at the same time.

“With the introduction of Agile BRE, we are empowering organizations with a holistic view of their software application portfolio and the ability to utilize a scientific approach to optimization and modernization,” said Miten Marfatia, founder and CEO of EvolveWare. “Modernization initiatives are persistently plagued by a lack of visibility, undefined processes and a reluctance to use a phased approach. This propensity to cut corners is partially due to the time pressures resulting from having to place a hold on business policy changes during the course of these projects. Our continued commitment to reduce the stress of application modernization has been the driving force behind this innovation.”

Agile BRE, available on the Intellisys platform, empowers IT teams to modernize their applications without the risk of losing critical information and updates that are incorporated into these applications while modernizing them. This capability adds another first to a platform that is unique in allowing a phased approach, flexible processes and multiple pathways to application modernization.

The enhanced Intellisys platform:

  • Enables code updates to be transferred automatically into the extracted business rules repository without affecting the rules that are not impacted by the updates. For rules impacted by the updates, a report is generated highlighting the changes;
  • Equips teams to perform BRE on multiple applications at the same time, generating a single repository or multiple repositories of their documentation including diagrams, reports, logic, database details, and critical dependencies;
  • Saves 60 percent or more in time and effort, according to customers, by automating the extraction of foundational knowledge from code using machine-learning techniques, and by automating the consolidation of extracted logic into rules;
  • Provides support for more than 20 languages, legacy and modern;
  • Mitigates risk by keeping track of all the activities performed and by allowing consolidation and optimization actions to be reverted to its original state;
  • Facilitates application understanding for technical and non-technical stakeholders by presenting logic in multiple formats, including pseudo code, flowcharts, decision tables, and in business analyst language;
  • Simplifies moving extracted rules to third-party platforms like DROOLs by automating the transfer

For more information, visit www.evolveware.com.