Evolve IP, Cisco Deepen Partnership to Deliver Evolve Anywhere with Webex

Evolve IP, a international service provider of Work Anywhere solutions, announced it has partnered with Webex, a provider of cloud-based collaboration solutions, to develop Evolve IP’s unified communications solution, Evolve Anywhere with Webex.

Powered by Cisco, the fully integrated UCaaS solution brings together enterprise-grade calling, and cutting-edge features provided by Evolve IP Global Voice with Webex’s advanced messaging and meetings capabilities, all within a single app.

Evolve Anywhere with Webex was developed to help customers manage the unique business requirements of today. During the shift to remote work in response to the pandemic, businesses quickly discovered the meetings and collaboration solutions offered with traditional UCaaS solutions could not support adequately their remote teams.

Companies began looking for solutions that supported at home collaboration and more traditional in-office communication needs in a single solution centered around the world-class solutions they already used – like Webex.

“The average business is using 3.5 different collaboration solutions and most expect users to continue to work away from the office the majority of the time,” said Christian Teeft,  CTO and EVP of Global Engineering and Software Development at Evolve IP. “By embracing Webex as the center of the employee experience and providing superior voice quality, premium features, and world-class integrations, Evolve IP is able to meet users and businesses where they are. Making it easier for them to successfully adjust to a Work Anywhere future.”

Evolve Anywhere with Webex enables enterprises to call, meet and message in an always on workspace to facilitate continuous workflow — in a simplified, automated and compliant manner:

  • Calling – Evolve IP adds high fidelity voice and PBX features natively to the Cisco Webex application with coverage in more than 50 countries and seamless support for a variety of traditional handsets and Cisco devices.
  • Meetings – Energize meetings and get results with immersive HD video that integrates with users’ calendars and other devices at the touch of a button. Personalized layouts and immersive sharing, noise canceling abilities, rich AI-powered transcriptions and translations, and people insights, are just a few of the features users rely on to be more productive and effective in the workplace.
  • Messaging – Users connect and collaborate with people inside and outside of their company to stay on top of what matters, all in one place. Messaging, file sharing, and one-click calling online and offline is a breeze using searchable spaces that integrate with business apps to improve efficiency and workflows.
  • Collaboration – Integrate Webex with essential apps for simplified collaboration, such as Outlook to schedule, view, and join Webex Meetings from a users’ calendar. Embed Webex Calling and Meetings into the Microsoft Teams UI. Share and co-edit OneDrive or SharePoint files from within a Webex space.

By building upon their partnership and platforms, Evolve IP and Cisco advance their shared vision of helping people achieve more immersive and inclusive work experiences. To learn more about how Evolve IP’s Evolve Anywhere with Webex solution simplifies collaboration and empowers the hybrid workforce, contact Evolve IP.