eSCRIBE Receives Endorsement as Enterprise Partner for Remote Meeting Management

eSCRIBE, a provider of collaboration and productivity solutions for municipal governments, has received an endorsement from the National League of Cities (NLC) as an Exclusive Enterprise Partner for Remote Meeting Management and Citizen Engagement Solutions.

The NLC will use eSCRIBE’s platform as its official meeting management system for internal board and committee meetings.

The announcement comes because of eSCRIBE’s commitment to improve meeting management for local municipalities throughout the United States and as organizations worldwide continue to adapt to remote-first work and virtual meetings.

The endorsement in the meeting management and citizen engagement category enables NLC member municipalities to take advantage of more in-depth eSCRIBE offerings and continue transform their operations to digitally.

As a remote-first organization, eSCRIBE understands the challenges and opportunities that come with managing offsite work effectively. For this reason, eSCRIBE empowers municipalities and their workforces with best practices, training and educational resources.

According to the Status of Telework in the Federal Government Report to Congress, 90 percent of eligible federal employees worked remotely in fiscal year 2020. The Pew Research Centre also reports that 46 percent of all workers who had never worked remotely before the pandemic now prefer to telework at least part-time going forward.

eSCRIBE’s remote meeting management platform saves time, lowers costs and increases citizen engagement before, during, and after municipal meetings. In addition to its robust agenda and minutes management capabilities, eSCRIBE enables municipalities to deploy electronic voting and request-to-speak queues for public meetings, as well as live-streaming and video recording and publishing.

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