EPOS Rolls Out IMPACT D Wireless Headsets

EPOS rolled out its IMPACT D series of lightweight headsets. The offerings are designed to provide “peerless” audio performance blended with improved wireless reach.

The series includes existing IMPACT D 10 series headsets with new IMPACT D 30 and D10 II variants, and is optimized for unified communications (UC) environments as customers find themselves “increasingly embracing many different digital interactions.

The wireless lineup employs EPOS in-house technology such as EPOS Voice, for producing natural-sounding voices, ambient noise reduction and protected pairing.

“The IMPACT D Series uses cutting edge technology to give professionals in energetic work environments true wireless freedom,” said Global Product Management VP, Theis Mork. “With enhanced security features, powerful wireless reach, superior audio and natural listening experience, the IMPACT D Series is the premier solution when talk matters.’’

Additional information is available via https://www.eposaudio.com/en/us/enterprise/products/impact-d-p49126.