EPOS B20 Firmware Update Improves Microphone Efficiency and Compatibility

EPOS issued a new firmware update for its B20 streaming microphone. Included in the version 1.0.6 refresh are numerous “changes and bug fixes,” as well as functionality to make the mic fully compatible with the PlayStation 5 gaming system.

Patch elements include:

  • Improved microphone attenuation settings.
  • Patch for a bug that caused the B20 to power off in certain situations.
  • Matched device and PC “Gain” settings.

Users are being advised to connect the EPOS B20 microphone and wait for it to be recognized by the EPOS Suite, checking to make sure the device is set correctly in Windows Settings, then selecting the “Update Available” option. A step-by-step guide is also available to finalize the update process.

Additional information is available via the EPOS website.