Elisity Launches Micro Edge for Cognitive Trust Solution

Elisity Inc., a pioneer of the trademarked Cognitive Trust platform for identity and behavior-based enterprise network security, announced availability of Elisity Micro Edge, extending the Cognitive Trust platform as an application on Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches, or as a virtual machine (VM) on Cisco Catalyst 3850 series switches.

It also provides the capability to control the Cisco Catalyst 3850 series switches. With Elisity Micro Edge, organizations can unleash the full power of their Cisco switches with a lightweight, centrally managed edge deployment of an innovative identity-based zero trust access platform.

Cognitive Trust is Elisity’s cloud-native and cloud-delivered solution for identity-based segmentation of users, applications, and devices, whether managed or unmanaged, on-prem or in the cloud.

It delivers fast time-to-value by providing real-time visibility into all network assets, and data flows to identify high-impact security policies.

Organizations need to transition from implicit to an explicit trust approach, with visibility being the first step to explicit policy creation. An alternative to complex Network Access Control (NAC) and East-West firewalls, Micro Edge enables customers to benefit from simplified network security operations and reduced costs while taking advantage of Cognitive Trust’s powerful prevention, detection and response tools that enhance the cybersecurity posture and minimize the attack surface over time.

Micro Edge also eliminates the need to install and maintain additional hardware, saving organizations time and resources

“Elisity Micro Edge maximizes customer’s investments in their Cisco switches by turning them into intelligent policy enforcement points,” said James Winebrenner, CEO, Elisity. “It integrates seamlessly with existing user identity and device telemetry providers to provide unprecedented visibility and control. Customers can easily deploy explicit trust policies that protect the most critical enterprise assets from malicious lateral network traffic directly at the network edge without the hassle of installing additional hardware. Customers can now build and manage policies with ease and enforce them at the network’s edge, without the hassle and expense of installing and maintaining additional hardware.”

Edge security is critical in today’s hybrid workplace, and Statista reports there will be more than 75 billion IoT devices in 2025, exponentially expanding the attack surface beyond the scope of enterprise-managed devices.

With Cognitive Trust, Cisco customers can set dynamic and contextual policies for individuals, groups of individuals, or groups of devices and apply them ubiquitously across the organization. Access permissions are controlled based on identity, role and policy according to “just-enough” and “just-in-time” access best practices.

The platform learns behavior to assess risk and optimizes security for enterprise and critical infrastructure organizations. Identity and AI-powered behavioral intelligence deliver better visibility and a single security enforcement policy for people and devices accessing applications and data across SaaS-based and cloud services.

For more information, watch this video.

For a limited time, Elisity Micro Edge is available as a free Proof-of-Concept (PoC) with white-glove deployment over customers’ existing infrastructure. For customers who choose to purchase a multi-year agreement, the first year will be waived by Elisity (offer valid thru May 31, 2022, terms and conditions apply).