Edgecore Launches Work-from-Anywhere Solution

Edgecore Networks, a provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, launched the Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) solution to provide organizations a plug-and-play, secure, agile, reliable mechanism to deliver enterprise-grade services to their remote workers.

The trend of making offices a place for collaboration has been going on for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the dial. Social distancing requirements have prompted thousands of companies and millions of employees to discover the benefits of a flexible work environment. This shift to remote work and hybrid workspace forces organizations to take a more systematic and strategic approach to connecting remote workers to applications and data. Traditional WAN connections over MPLS tend to be rigid, costly, and provide deployment connections that cannot easily adapt to today’s dynamic networking needs. Edgecore’s WFA solution includes feature-rich SD-WAN devices, the SDW-series, addressing those networking issues and provides robust, secure, adaptive network services on demand.

Central management:

  • VM in x86 appliance based
  • VM in cloud platform
  • Edgecore ecCLOUD (Ready in Q1, 2022)

Administrator can monitor and auto-adjust remote networks with real-time feedback from premises and deploy pre-configured network paths to remote sites.

Zero Touch Deployment – Automated provisioning from central management with pre-configured network setup to edge devices without user intervention can improve reliability and minimize bring-up costs, while maintaining efficiency and flexibility on deployment.

Adaptive WAN Selection – The SDW-series provides parallel connections for load-balancing, failover, and traffic steering to ensure the high-quality and reliability of network connections.

Container Management (Ready in Q1, 2022) – Containerized software that pushes container images to remote sites for consistent application performance and availability while reducing the connectivity cost.

Remote VPN – The remote worker can access the data center by PC VPN login with four simple steps, greatly reducing the remote office roll-out time.