Daybase Opens Hybrid Work Locations in New Jersey, Westchester County

Daybase, a hybrid work company, announced the launch of its first three locations, in Hoboken and Westfield, New Jersey, and Harrison, in Westchester County, New York, to meet the evolving needs of the remote and hybrid workforce.

Daybase is developing a network of on-demand work spots in residential areas across the country.

Breaking from the traditions of the pre-pandemic workplace, which was largely defined by a single office location, Daybase’s model enables a full interconnected ecosystem of work spots, located close to where workers live, oriented around specific activities and employee experience.

“Work is no longer a place,” said Daybase CEO Joel Steinhaus. “In the past, individuals and companies alike did not have professional-grade, convenient options between home and the main commercial office. We created Daybase to solve this challenge and bring a long overdue alternative to neighborhoods outside central business districts, as well as to suburban communities. Today’s announcement represents the first step toward Daybase’s long-term plans to build a national network of close-to-home workspots.”

Daybase spokes will complete the workplace ecosystem of the hybrid organization, seamlessly integrating corporate headquarters, regional spokes, traditional co-working spaces, home offices and completely on-demand adaptable workspaces like Daybase.

“The Daybase model allows New York City-based enterprise companies to reimagine their corporate headquarters and real estate footprint while providing their employees the flexible work options they’ve come to expect,” said Daybase COO Doug Chambers.

Users can book time at any Daybase location using the Daybase mobile application. Low membership fee options, as well as pay-as-you-go pricing, allow flexibility and accessibility to professional-grade space. A credit system for reservations allows for users to pay for only what they use.

Daybase also is developing enterprise software to support companies in the management of their remote teams.

Each location will include the complete Daybase package, with a hospitality team and a range of adaptable work units from focus rooms, dedicated video conferencing space, larger collaboration spaces and common areas.

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