Cowbell Expands API-based Quoting to Cyber Insurance Offering

Cowbell, a provider of cyber insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), announced application programming interfaces (APIs) for Prime 250, its flagship cyber insurance product for businesses with revenue up to $250 million. With API integration available for Prime 100 and Prime 250, insurance digital aggregators can integrate directly to Cowbell’s platform, enabling quick and efficient cyber insurance quoting.

SMEs represent nearly two-thirds of the American economy, yet there is still ongoing demand for digital and adaptable insurance solutions. Cowbell’s API integration accelerates the adoption of cyber insurance to SMEs, bringing flexibility and scalability to digital insurance aggregators that serve independent insurance agents with carrier insurance programs. The integration multiplies options for agents to prepare quotes and for policyholders to access cyber coverage, establishing it as a robust option for cyber coverage and an efficient means to reach deeper into the SME market.

“Cowbell remains the only cyber insurance provider to instantly deliver, through APIs, bindable quotes,” said Rajeev Gupta, co-founder and CPO at Cowbell. “As SMEs continue their digital transformation journey, agents are able to provide immediate quoting, bringing cyber insurance to the backbone of America’s economy. SMEs get access to cyber coverages all while benefiting from an immediate assessment of risk and Cowbell risk resources, such as risk engineering, bundled with their cyber policies.”

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