ConnectWise, Evo Security to Deliver IAM Platform

ConnectWise, a software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs), announced a global strategic partnership with Evo Security, an emerging leader in identity and access management (IAM) for managed service providers (MSPs), to deliver a cost-effective, consolidated IAM platform. Partnering with Evo will offer TSPs tools to secure and streamline access to devices and applications to protect clients’ critical assets from security incidents and address compliance requirements.

“In our increasingly distributed world, the security perimeter has become fuzzy and at times can almost seem infinite. Identity and access management is how this new edge is contained and managed at scale – everything has an identity. However, a big market gap exists given most identity tools were built for the enterprise. Evo Security was formed for this new paradigm, but specifically for TSPs and their customers in a new and innovative way,” said Raffael Marty, general manager of cybersecurity, ConnectWise. “We believe this partnership demonstrates our continued commitment to bringing forth the best cybersecurity solutions possible to our partners and ensuring we’re staying one step ahead of cybercriminals.”

Theft of user credentials is an attacker’s fastest path to a payday, especially those with privileged access. According to Microsoft, 95 percent of all web application attacks are a result of weak or stolen user credentials, and 61 percent people reuse the same or similar password in multiple places.

Through the Evo Partner Identity Cloud, TSPs have a central tool to access a variety of IAM tools including multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), unified directory services, password rotation, and more.

Evo’s Elevated Access allows TSPs to eliminate password and MFA code sharing among technicians and administrators. This built-in functionality removes the need for third party password rotation tools and other secret vaults while also tracking activity..

Evo Security CEO Michael Roth said, “Identity and access management will continue to emerge as the cornerstone of a sound security practice regardless of the industry or customer base TSPs serve. Partnering with ConnectWise enables us to educate the TSP community on the value of our platform, while also collaborating with a world-class organization and leadership team. Our combination delivers strong value to TSPs, improves security, and makes their lives easier and safer.”

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