Citrix Modernizes Security to Accommodate Hybrid Work

Employees used to come to the office every day and work from company-managed assets. Today, they may be working at home, in the office, on the road and anywhere in between using unsecured personal devices and networks. It’s created a set of challenges that IT must manage. And to help them do it, Citrix Systems Inc. has made Citrix Secure Private Access, a cloud-delivered, Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) offering generally available to protect access to apps and data from managed, unmanaged and Bring-Your-Own (BYO) devices, enabling employees to work the way they want in a secure, reliable and productive manner, wherever they happen to be.

Citrix Secure Private Access is a cloud-delivered, ZTNA solution that provides contextual access to IT-sanctioned applications whether they are deployed on-prem, or in the cloud and delivers security controls for managed, unmanaged and BYO devices. Using the solution, IT organizations can:

  • Provide zero-trust network access to all apps, with adaptive authentication to continually evaluate access based on end-user roles, locations, device posture, and user risk profiles.
  • Securely support distributed work and BYO programs without risking exposure to malicious content and web-borne threats.
  • Simplify IT while enhancing the digital workspace experience for users.
  • Modernizing Security

They also can also enact a fresh approach to security that accommodates the realities of work today by giving employees the flexibility to work where they want using the devices of their choice while ensuring that corporate data and assets remain safe. And many already are.

Citrix Secure Private Access is part of Citrix’s portfolio of secure access offerings, which when used in conjunction with Citrix Analytics for Security, provide a unified, comprehensive approach to securing apps and data while improving the employee experience and simplifying operations. Click here to learn more about these solutions and the value they can deliver for your organization.