Citrix Launches App Delivery and Security Service

Citrix Systems launched the App Delivery and Security Service. This intent-based cloud solution automates processes in real time to promote app delivery, provisioning, securing, onboarding and management, in addition to empowering IT to deliver “superior” experiences to keep users engaged and productive.

The service is designed to help IT transform app delivery, with features such as:

  • Intent-based Support – Automatically translates business and technical intent into application delivery and security policies and configurations.
  • Self-Healing and Continuously Optimizing – Auto-detects and corrects application delivery issues like performance degradation, new demands and outages.
  • Internet-State Aware – Collects and analyzes 10 billion data points a day from more than one billion users across 50,000 networks in 200 countries to provide real-time visibility.
  • Integrated App and API Security – Integrated web application firewall, Bot management and API protection to fuel holistic protection.

Citrix Application Delivery and Security Service will be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2021. Additional information is available via the Citrix web site.