Business Leaders Expect Remote Work to Continue

Research from mobile workforce specialist Motus shows that 67 percent of business leaders expect work-from-home policies to continue or become permanent.

The report also shows businesses thrive in remote environments, with 83 percent of company leaders reporting the shift to remote work has been successful for their organization. This sentiment has increased 14 percent since June 2020. It also reinforces the opinion of 68 percent of hiring managers that remote work is becoming easier as businesses and employees get used to it.

Remote work often was linked with decreased productivity prior to the pandemic, but the Motus study shows the opposite. According to the report, employees say they experience up to 45 percent fewer interruptions at home compared to working in an office. That adds up to an estimated nine extra days of work per year.

One benefit for enterprises is the absence of fixed real estate and business travel costs. Employers embracing at least half-time remote work save $11,000 per employee per year, according to the report. Over the next year, 87 percent of business leaders expect to re-evaluate their real estate strategy.

The full report is available from the Motus site.