Blueboard Research Signals Workplaces Need to Address Connection Gap

According to a new U.S. study on employee connection conducted by Blueboard, an innovator in the employee recognition and rewards space, in partnership with The Starr Conspiracy, 95 percent of HR pros agree that investing in employee connection helps drive employee retention.

With retention being a top priority for HR and talent leaders in 2022, workplace connection must be a focus, as nearly three in five employees report they would consider leaving their current job if they didn’t feel connected at work.

“Connection is critical to employee engagement. When we feel connected, we’re more productive, more energized, and we stick around longer. Which makes employee connection central to organizational success. But there’s a gap today in what employees want in a connected workplace and what’s being delivered,” said Allyson Tom, VP of People & Culture at Blueboard.

“We’re in the middle of a work revolution and companies are coming to terms with the fact that employees are so much more than a cog in the machine. The humans who drive companies forward need to feel a sense of purpose, of fulfillment, of connectedness. Our hope is that this research further validates the importance of connection and gives employers and employees alike a data-backed way to prioritize connection at work.”

Survey results show employee recognition plays a major role in workplace connection, with organizations using recognition to drive connection reporting greater success across all measures of connection than those that aren’t. In fact, companies that use recognition to facilitate connection are nearly twice as likely to report they’ve addressed adequately employee connection challenges than the average.

Going forward, 73 percent of HR professionals agree employee recognition will be an important tool they’ll use to create workplace connection. But most acknowledge they’ll need to rethink what this looks like in a hybrid or remote work environment.

Formal employee appreciation and recognition is a top three method for HR leaders to address the Connection Gap in 2022. Others include: hybrid, in-person, and online events, adding tech for better remote communication and collaboration, manager and leadership training, and expanding employee learning and development opportunities.

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