Black Ink Tech, Incode to Make ‘Everywhere Identity’ a Reality

Black Ink Technologies Corp, a digital pioneer connecting physical objects, services and events to a permanent graded data record, and Incode, a provider of digital biometric verification and identification authentication solutions, will partner on a solution that delivers validated global identity.

Operating within Black Ink Tech’s ChainIT platform, the solution creates a global, ubiquitous digital identity that is simple to validate and universally available.

Incode delivers biometric digital identity solutions in 184 countries and has analyzed thousands of identifications. Now, with Black Ink Tech’s trademarked Validated Data Tokens, the data will be transportable and can be integrated into other markets and systems, including legacy systems, without requiring new hardware.

The everywhere digital identity solution will capture a person’s digital identity using Incode’s biometric system, then match it to government records for validation and verification. That verification can then be transferred through Blank Ink Tech’s Validated Data Tokens and ChainIT platform.

The generated QR code displays the Individual’s Validated Data Token ID, or IVDT-ID, record, where and when it was created, how it was created, as well as who validated and verified the information.

The IVDT-ID is device independent, meaning even a smartphone can be used to validate an identity. With the permanent, immutable blockchain record, they can confirm the identity is authentic without needing to access the government records directly.

The Incode system biometrically matches the individual to their digital identity, and all the data points are Touch Audit enabled.

“Incorporating Black Ink Tech’s Validated Data Tokenswith our solution furthers our mission to power a world of trust and enable One Identity Everywhere,” said Ricardo Amper, founder and CEO of Incode.

Together, Black Ink Tech and Incode will deliver their solution abiding by the highest industry standards, including NIST FRVT testing, iBeta Level 2 ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection confirmation, SOC 2 certification, Know Your Customer/FATF compliance, Privacy Shield Framework conformance, and support of GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy and data protection regulations.

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