Bing Lee Moves Australia Customer Service Operations to Dialpad

Dialpad Inc., an industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, announced Bing Lee selected Dialpad to power its customer service operations.

Bing Lee chose Dialpad Contact Center to support business continuity through the COVID-19 pandemic with flexible cloud solutions to equip agents with best-in-class tools to work from anywhere while maintaining high customer service standards with advanced Quality Management.

Embedded with artificial intelligence (AI), Dialpad Voice Intelligence transcribes and analyzes each conversation in real time, revealing sentiment and collecting action items to improve the customer experience. With detailed analytics from every interaction, Bing Lee collects actionable insights to deliver better business outcomes.

“Like many companies around the world, Bing Lee quickly shifted to a work-from-home model to limit our employees’ exposure to COVID-19. In the interest of getting our people home as soon as possible, we chose a provider that was adequate, but lacked some capabilities and was not a good long-term fit for the organization,” said David Beck, head of process improvement, Bing Lee. “Dialpad has given us the flexibility to prioritize the health of our support agents with remote solutions while adding robust analytics, reporting and monitoring capabilities which enabled us to raise the level of service for our customers.”

As a leading retail company in Australia with nearly 40 locations specializing in consumer electronics, computer and telecommunication goods, Bing Lee needed scalability in its contact center solution to support its expansion plans and unify multiple locations. Dialpad offers Bing Lee retail-focused solutions designed to put the customer first with reliable call quality and an easy-to-customize call routing system to ensure callers are matched with the ideal agent.

Once connected, Bing Lee agents are empowered to offer a tailored and efficient customer experience through a seamless integration with its internal database through Dialpad for Zendesk which automatically provides agents with a comprehensive customer profile and history.