Barracuda Expands SASE Platform to Protect Hybrid Deployments

Barracuda Networks Inc. announces today the expansion of its cloud-native SASE platform. Barracuda’s SASE platform streamlines secure SD-WAN, firewall-as-a-service, zero-trust network access and secure web gateway functionality and incorporates secure connectivity to industrial IoT devices.

The expansion includes new capabilities for hybrid deployment models and IIoT environments. Additionally, new technology integrations offer secure data transfer, orchestration, asset management, and anomaly detection.
As part of the Barracuda SASE platform, CloudGen WAN, Barracuda’s secure SD-WAN service and firewall-as-a-service, now provides a private service edge for hybrid deployments. Private service edge is ideal for organizations that need to follow certain geopolitical requirements or need full control over the data plane. Private service edge devices provide the same scope of security and networking functionality as the cloud service and are administrated and maintained via a central management platform.

Barracuda CloudGen WAN also now offers secure connector virtual appliances and ruggedized site devices. These provide highly scalable IoT connectivity, as well as cloud and private service edge-based security for IIoT endpoints. The secure connector endpoint virtual agent can be deployed in Docker environments for a range of third-party IIoT solutions.

To meet the challenges and requirements of digitalization and the internet-of-things, Barracuda integrates with specialized technology partners, including FireMon, SkyBox, TTTech and Nozomi. These integrations provide the ability for customers to enable secure data transfer, take advantage of automated incident response, and align with the latest IIoT security standards.

Zero trust access often is the first step toward SASE. As part of Barracuda’s SASE platform, Barracuda CloudGen Access offers tools and capabilities that simplify deployments. CloudGen Access is available with a turnkey proxy for simple deployment and cloud user directory connector for easy sync of users and groups.
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