AT&T Adds Managed Security Capabilities to 5G Network Deployments

AT&T added comprehensive, managed advanced security capabilities for 5G network deployments. These elements include a managed firewall service for 5G edge computing network solutions to better support threat visibility, application layer attack prevention and security policy enforcement for 5G-enabled IoT (Internet of Things), operational technology and information technology use cases.

The carrier noted that this integration is critical, given that expanded private 5G environment and edge computing use has generated mobile-enabled critical infrastructure, with businesses adopting 5G technology, connecting IoT devices and employing industrial endpoints on these wireless networks to better support private, immersive, at-the-edge experiences.

“For organizations to fully utilize the power of 5G for innovation across their edge infrastructure, they need protection from security risks and vulnerabilities,” said VP, AT&T Cybersecurity, Rupesh Chokshi. “Our security-first approach combines a highly functional layer of security with expertise in managed services and edge computing to help businesses deliver revolutionary outcomes.”

The 5G-enabled AT&T next-generation, managed firewall is immediately available, with additional security products and capabilities that support 5G network deployments set for rollout “in the coming months.”

Additional info is available via the AT&T website.