AppZen Expense Reimbursement Survey Reveals Impact of Covid-19, Remote Work on Employees

New data released by AppZen, an AI solution for modern finance teams, reveals how the Covidd-19 pandemic and remote work have impacted company expense reports. The findings shed new light on shifts in expenses during the pandemic and uncovers differences in reimbursements based on genders and roles.

Surveying 1,000 workers of companies with at least 250 employees, the data provides insight into how companies have adapted new expense policies and how those changes have impacted employees.

AppZen’s research shows the drastic shift from office to home working and the importance of clearly stated policies.

  • 17 percent worked remotely prior to Covid-19 spiking to 83 percent during the pandemic
  • 75 percent of employees submitted work from home expenses during the pandemic versus 69 percent of employees who submitted expenses pre-Covid-19
  • 51 percent of employees said their employer updated their expense policy due to Covid-19
  • 92 percent of employees whose employers updated their expense policy due to Covid-19 said their organization’s policy was clear, compared to only 61 percent of employees whose employers did not update their policy.
  • 83 percent of employees who received an updated policy said their employer fairly compensates them for work from home-related expenses compared to only 29 percent of employees at companies where the policy was not updated due to Covid-19