650 Group Recognizes Versa as Market Leader for SASE, SD-WAN

Versa Networks, a leader of single-vendor secure access service edge (SASE), announced it has been named the Deployed SASE and Enabled SD-WAN market leader by 650 Group – a market research firm with decades of experience reporting on the data center, communications and information technology industries.

According to 650 Group, Versa posted the leading market share for Deployed SASE and Enabled SD-WAN for Q3 2022 worldwide revenue. Versa has maintained the leading market share in these categories since 2020.

650 Group evaluates more than a dozen SD-WAN vendors and more than two dozen SASE vendors each quarter to analyze vendor performance quarterly. Each report includes market shares and five-year forecasts with various performance metrics. According to 650 Group, Deployed SASE is defined as single-vendor SASE deployed as a suite. Enabled SD-WAN means a customer has purchased and uses SD-WAN functions.

Results of 650 Group’s research are published in its 3Q22 SASE report and 3Q22 SD-WAN report. To learn more about 650 Group’s research reports, see:



For more information, visit https://www.versa-networks.com